COWIN is an audio products and electronics innovator that holds more than 170 international patents. We specialize in creating and producing Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers, and Active Noise-Cancelling (ANC) Headphones, Upon 

Intensive market research in 2016, we developed an entire series of Wi-Fi Speakers, 8 different model of different 

designs and sizes, including family Wi-Fi speakers. We will not only continue to create more Wi-Fi speakers, but 

to also expand into producing new products within the smart home device area. In the late 2016, we launched 

in-ear ANC headphones and voice-control Wi-Fi speaker similar to the Amazon Echo with Alexa, which manufacturers seldom make. In 2018, we had also developed our ANC True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Ear buds. Here at 

COWIN, we promise to always surprise you! 

Base on customer oriented strategy, COWIN strive to satisfy customer’s demands. We believe only innovative and 

high quality products can benefit customers. We welcome customers from all over the world to join us for a long 

term cooperation business and a win-win relationship.


Being an expect on the patented vibration speaker, COWIN has strong development ability in Bluetooth speaker,iPad/iPhone speaker,mini speaker,portable speaker,2.0 speaker, notebook speaker,desk HiFi speaker. All products are development to meet the international standards and with certificates such as CE,FCC, UL, SAA,RoHS,REACH, PAH,etc. Our products are sold to Microsoft ,Walmart and Apple store.


Based on customer-oriented strategy, COWIN aims to satisfy customers' demand. We believe that only innovative and high quality products can benefit customers. We welcome customer sell over the world to join us for a long term cooperation business and win-win relationship.



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